Jewelry Care

Almost all of my pendants are antiqued then buffed to bring out the natural details in the wire work.  To maintain this look, gently buff with a cloth regularly.  Avoid using harsh cleaners, this may remove the patina, or damage the stones.   If you find that copper turns you green, your body has a completely normal and natural reaction to this type of metal.  To ease this, you may clean the pieces gently with a mild soap and water.  To prevent this, you may consider investing in a jewelry sealant.  Feel free to contact me for recommendations. 


While not in use, store jewelry in plastic bags or tarnish resistant jewelry pouches.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. 

Remove jewelry  during strenuous activities or while swimming or showering.

High quality stones and beads are hand selected by myself- please be conscious of the fact these are natural gemstones and they can be fragile. Handle all gemstone jewelry with care to avoid chips&  fractures . Most of the stones I work with are between a 5.5 -9 on the Moh's hardness scale.  Anything softer than that will be noted in the description and you will receive special care instructions for those pieces.